Animated GIFs and Animations at Club Unlimited

Pump up your webpage with the largest resource for Webdesigners interested in Animated GIFs and all other graphical stuff.

You'll now not only find the largest collection of Animated GIFs on the WWW (more than 6227 !!!) but also an Tutorial for making Animated GIFs by yourself, the weekly Club Unlimited Award for excellent animation on the net, reviews from software around Animated GIFs, a download-area for all these products, links to interesting sites covering the topic Animated GIFs and Page Design, a Chat-Room where you can talk live with like-minded people, a Bulletin Board where you can post your requests, the Animators Corner where to find people to make your custom animation and much more.
Our website builds impression to our customers. That is the reason why as businessmen, we need to build and maintain a good website. Mere words are boring, thus, we need to make our website very attractive to the visitors. We can use Animated GIF’s not just for aesthetic purposes, but it can also help our consumers understand what kind of business we have. The more our customers stay in our website, the greater the possibility our business will cause traffic in the internet. If that is the case, then our business will be known to the people all throughout the globe, which will increase our customers and will lead to the higher return of profits. However, we should be aware that there are a number of internet security threats. Even if we are striving hard to avoid it, malicious people even strive harder to enter into our system. In order to prevent the risk, we should buy proxies now.

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You'll need a resolution of 800x600 and Netscape 3.0+ thats support frames and JAVA.
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